April 15, 2014

A Choral Treasury: The 40th Annual Baum Memorial Concert

Our next concert is coming up soon! For those that weren't able to see us on tour, our upcoming Baum Memorial Concert Saturday April 26th at 8pm, will feature much of our tour repertoire!

We are also so pleased to be honoring Lorna Cook deVaron '42 as the first recipient of the Choral Program Alumnae Recognition award!

Check out the Facebook event and please tell all your friends!


April 10, 2014

It's the final countdown!

Our 5k is this weekend! What better way to take advantage of the beautiful weather? Register Here!

April 1, 2014

DC-UVA-and back home!

We've made it back to Wellesley! The last few days of our tour flew by! We traveled to DC where we met and sang for alumni, and then spent some time exploring the city!
Choirbees dressed to the nines for our fancy dinner with the alums!

We were also lucky enough to take a master class with Edward Maclary at the University of Maryland, and to sing at Emma R.'s high school! We were all blown away by the skill of the Walt Whitman High School choir!
After DC we journey to Virginia, to sing Ralph Vaughan Williams' Dona Nobis Pacem  with the Virginia Men's Glee Club!
Along the way, we made a stop at Pinkadilly Tea, for a classy tea party!

Even Jonathan donned a fancy hat!
Our collaboration with UVA was fabulous, and we enjoyed reuniting with the friends we made in the fall, and revisiting the gorgeous Dona Nobis Pacem!

We headed home on Sunday, and have spent the past couple days sleeping, catching up on homework, and wishing we were still on tour!
Many thanks to everyone who came to our concerts!
Our next event will be our singing 5k on April 12! Register at http://bit.ly/1pP72nd

March 25, 2014

Durham and Volunteer work!

Yesterday we arrived in Durham! After some time for lunch and exploring, we split up into groups to volunteer. Two groups went to thrift stores to help sort and organize clothes, and one group went to the Genesis Home, to decorate and clean the space and design posters and bulletin boards! 

Our concert that night was a benefit concert for the Genesis Home, and it was made all the more meaningful by the volunteer work we performed earlier in the day! 

One particular treat at our concert was the number of alums that showed up to support the Genesis Home and our choir! The stage was crowded as we all sang the Alma Mater together!

Now we are off to DC to meet and sing for even more alums! On our way we made a quick stop at Duke to visit their beautiful chapel!

March 24, 2014

Charlotte, North Carolina!

We left Charlotte and our hosts (sadly), and headed on to Winston-Salem to sing with the Wake Forest choir! On our way to the university, we were met by their conductor Brian Gorelick, who was kind enough to give us a quick tour of Winston-Salem!
One particular highlight was visiting the original Krispy Kreme donut shop! Grace composed a poem about this adventure:

circles of sugar
dough risen and baked
they glide through a ribbon of glaze
 and are placed
into boxes
for choirbees
(for one and for all!)
these donuts are yummy
don't let them fall
into the wrong hands
or into a puddle
-that would just cause a terrible muddle!
Bring them onto the bus
with a hat for the bee
they'd only be better
if they were free.

Our president and our mascot!

After donuts we visited a historic Moravian settlement near Salem College!

Our final stop before Wake Forest was the Reynolda Art Museum, where we toured a historic home and art museum. Some highlights of that visit were visiting the bowling alley and shooting range in the home, and our guides instructions to not lick the paintings (we didn't).

We arrived at Wake Forest, and had some time to meet the Wake Forest Choir, and teach them a song!
Our concert was lovely-highlights included singing this song together, and listening to their gorgeous set of Irish music from their recent tour of Ireland!

We are now on our way to Durham for volunteer work and a benefit concert! 

March 23, 2014

Choir Tour Begins!

We've made it to day three of our spring tour! We left Wellesley early Friday morning and caught a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina. At the airport, we were met by our wonderful bus driver, Jonathan, a familiar face to the seniors who met him on their first year tour! 

After stopping for a quick lunch (and introducing the choir bees to the magic of the Flying Biscuit), we made it to the lovely Myers Park Church. That night we were lucky enough to sing with an adorable children's choir. 

Our concert was fabulously well attended, and we were happy to have several Wellesley alums in the audience! After the concert we left for homestays with Wellesley alums from the area. Everyone had a wonderful time visiting with their hosts and sharing their Wellesley memories!

The kindness and generosity of Wellesley alums has been a recurring theme throughout the trip so far, and yesterday we were honored to sing at the memorial service for Liz Hair, class of 1941. Liz was a remarkable woman, and it was such a special honor to be asked to sing at her service. We were even featured in the Charlotte Observer this morning! 

We've had some time to explore Charlotte (one group took a brief excursion to an outdoor adventure center), and there has been lots of choir bonding!

Choir bees in front of the Firebird statue in Charlotte!

Our next stop is Winston Salem to sing with the choirs at Wake Forest and visit the original Krispy Kreme donuts!

Stay turned for more updates!

March 18, 2014

Choir tour promo!

We're getting excited for our tour! Check out our promo video to hear some favorite old memories and learn what choirbees are looking forward to this year!